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When switching to solar power, don’t you want a solar energy system that gets the most out of the sun’s resources? Liv Solar of Arvada can help you do just that, as we are not a sales-focused solar company, but rather value results and making sure each customer is getting the most efficient system for their scenario. We take our time with each job we conduct, working alongside Arvada clients to design each of them a custom solar panel model to harness as much solar energy as possible and yields maximum savings as well as return on investment. Our mission is to educate everyone we work within Arvada, so they can better understand and know what to expect from their solar power systems.

Different Solar Panel Models We Install in Arvada

  • Roof Installations: The most common kind of solar system in Arvada. Solar panels are placed on a racking system on top of the Arvada building where the most sunlight hits.
  • Ground Mounts: Solar energy panels are set up on racks or poles in open space. They are easy to install and flexible in terms of placement and angling, meaning maximum sun exposure.
  • Shaded Structures: Our Arvada solar company can also build solar carports or pergolas that both produce solar energy and provide relief from the sun.
  • LED lighting: Brighten a space while saving energy by installing LED lighting. Arvada commercial businesses often see a return on investment within a year of switching out bulbs to LED ones.

Solar Systems Specific to Your Arvada Space



We begin all Arvada installation projects with a consultation to decide which type of solar energy setup will work best at your home or business, and provide the client with a preliminary performance estimate to show them the expectations for its solar energy production.

Some solar companies in Arvada won’t even come out to inspect the establishment before they begin installation because they have a line of solar panel products they can retrofit to your building. Liv Solar does it differently, and will tailor your system for your specific property because we know the difference between a sufficient and proficient solar system is making sure the solar panels conform to particulars in angle, tilt, shading, and more.

An Arvada Solar Company for All Solar Power Needs

Our Arvada solar company’s commitment to customer service does not stop when we leave the job site after installation. The solar power clients we have in Arvada can always count on us to help with damages or performance issues with their solar systems, as we have skilled maintenance technicians on staff that can repair or replace any elements of your system that are causing it to function suboptimally. We can subcontract for any structural or electrical labor on your Arvada property’s solar power system so that you know Liv Solar has eyes on the solar system the entire time it is being worked on and will return it to prime condition. Call our solar company today for more information on the solar power services that we extend to Arvada.

We're a premier solar energy company providing the area with quality solar powered panels. We are Westminster's top-notch solar panel company!


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