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Are you a Boulder area property owner that would like to lower your utility bill while lessening your impact on the environment? The way to do both efficiently and sustainably is through the use of solar power produced via photovoltaic solar panels. While the science of powering a building with solar energy is complex, Liv Solar is customer service-driven and values educating Boulder property owners on how solar energy systems work as well as how switching to solar can benefit them. We are a certified solar company that is here to accommodate the solar power related needs of Boulder home and business owners.

Solar Panel Installation for Boulder Properties

Our solar company focuses on customer service because we want each solar energy client to feel that they made a smart, fiscally and environmentally responsible decision in switching to solar power. We take our time teaching solar panel customers about how solar energy systems work, so they can be better solar system owners and have the most optimal system at their Boulder property. During a consultation, our experts inspect Boulder homes and business to develop a model for a suitable solar system for the property. Our solar company has a highly certified staff of solar panel installation experts that will make sure Boulder property owners are involved every step of their solar system design and installation.

A Boulder Solar Company That Can Meet Any and All Solar Energy Needs


Our expert staff can perform repairs or replacements on any solar panel setups and are happy to educate all Boulder clients on minor maintenance tips to extend the life of their solar systems. Other services we extend to Boulder include breaker panel upgrades, monitoring systems, and adding battery banks to solar energy systems to maximize potential.

There are many different ways that you can harness solar energy at your Boulder property. If a traditional rooftop solar system isn’t optimal, we can install solar panels on the ground or on top of carports or pergolas, we can even exterior lighting that is solar powered.

Liv Solar’s Solar Panel Warranty for Boulder Customers

We truly value our customers’ satisfaction as well as convincing them that they are making a smart choice when switching to solar power. Our solar company is so confident in our solar energy setups that we back up our solar energy installation work with a 10 year warranty. If a Boulder client experiences a related roof leak within a decade of us installing solar panels, we are happy to come out for fixes that are completely covered. If you're interested in what our services can do for your Boulder property, contact the team of solar energy professionals at Liv Solar today.

We're a premier solar energy company providing the area with quality solar powered panels. We are Westminster's top-notch solar panel company!


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